President Obama Urges China to Pressure North Korea

March 26, 2012

Since arriving at the two-day Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea, President Obama has had his eyes set on enlisting China’s help on the world stage.  The purpose of the summit is to raise awareness on nuclear energy and weapons. President Obama met with Chinese President Hu Jintaro and urged him to put pressure on North Korea, especially since Pyongyang signaled that they aim to conduct a rocket launch by the end of the month.  China’s close ties with North Korea would be helpful as the Obama administration has tried to wane Pyongyang’s desire for nuclear weapons.  Since North Korea has very few allies, President Hu Jintao’s influence could sway Pyongyang’s ambitions.


President Obama has also tried to get China to join the United States against Iran on the issue of nuclear weapons. The United States and a number of their allies are not importing Iranian oil to protest their nuclear weapons program.  China decided to drop Iranian oil imports by 40% for February. 

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